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  • Alone


    JEFF HENSLEY It’s no secret that many combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have struggled when returning to civilian life. With combat operations in Iraq over and those in Afghanistan winding down, even more American servicemen and women will be coming home to face problems ranging from high unemployment to a suicide epidemic plaguing the […]

  • The 2012 NFL Preview

    The 2012 NFL Preview

    CHUCK FINDER From Broncos to bounties, from Tebowing toward Gotham to Manning the mountains, from handing out forced retirements to forced hands creating retirement accounts, the National Football League offseason was considerably landscape-altering this winter and spring. Far more than the usual coaching shuffle and concussion controversies. PEYTON’S NEW PLACEEach preceding Denver quarterback since that […]

  • My View from the Field

    My View from the Field

    ANDREW TAGLIANETTI Major conference shakeups, the new playoff system, the Heisman race, coaching changes, the players who will take the field this fall, the occasional major upset, and program turmoil are all things that fans of college football have become accustomed to. In my case, I have had some first-hand experience with some of those. […]

  • The Fantasy Football Injury Report

    The Fantasy Football Injury Report

    DR. VONDA WRIGHT Greater than 1.5 million young men participate in American football across all levels in the United States. They will sustain more than 1.2 million football-related injuries this year. Injury is an inherent part of football, a product of the game’s brutal nature and the alternate side of the coin that is American […]

  • Getting Ready for DWeb Camp: A Conversation with Kelsey Breseman

    Getting Ready for DWeb Camp: A Conversation with Kelsey Breseman

    Earlier this week, I spoke with Kelsey Breseman, a rockstar engineer and entrepreneur working to solve climate change, protect public access to scientific data, and build a better web. Equal parts concrete problem solver and utopian dreamer, in her spare time, she wanders the forests north of Seattle and revels in VERY long walks.  In July, […]

  • Two Thin Strands of Glass

    Two Thin Strands of Glass

    Two thin strands of glass. When combined, these two strands of glass are so thin they still wouldn’t fill a drinking straw. That’s known in tech circles as a “fiber pair,” and these two thin strands of glass carry all the information of the world’s leading archive in and out of our data centers. When […]

  • The Democratization of Data

    The Democratization of Data

    MICHAEL CARTER AND SCOTT GABEHART We all know small businesses and entrepreneurship are the engines driving the economy and our only hopes for futureeconomic expansion and American Exceptionalism. Over 30 million small businesses operate in the U.S. and despite therecession entrepreneurship continues to flourish and foster optimism. Entrepreneurship is in America’s DNA so we willcontinue […]

  • The Other Side of Okinawa

    The Other Side of Okinawa

    TOM CONWAY AND KEVIN MAHER Do you want to start off by speaking a little about yourself, your background, and what exactly qualifies you to speak on the topic? Kevin Maher: I am  retired from the U.S. Department of State, where I was a Foreign Service Officer for 30 years, 19 of those years I was […]

  • Geriatric Oncology: Are we ready?

    Geriatric Oncology: Are we ready?

    DR. ANDREW CHAPMAN AND DR. KRISTINE SWARTZ Several weeks ago, Mrs. Smith, an 80-year-old widow, was diagnosed with breast cancer after she felt something in the shower.  Her husband of 50 years died seven years earlier and she has lived alone since. She is scared about what the disease means and how to face it.  […]

  • The Addictive Brain: All Roads Lead to Dopamine

    The Addictive Brain: All Roads Lead to Dopamine

    DR. KENNETH BLUM Almost half-of the U.S. population has indulged in illegal drug practices. Presidential candidates are forced to dodge tricky questions of their past history involving illegal drug use and almost every American has sloshed down a martini or two in their life time. There must be a reason, a need, or natural response […]

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