Manuscript/Artwork Submission

Please submit all manuscripts (or artwork in JPEG format) directly via email to: Submissions should include a cover letter with complete contact information, manuscript (or artwork), images, permissions, and an author copyright release form. THANK YOU!

Collier’s Submission Guidelines for Authors

Collier’s is published quarterly, with some articles published online ahead of print.
Each of the required components should be emailed and submitted together with the manuscript or artwork, including:
• Title page, listing the article/artwork title and the full name of each author and complete addresses and any applicable professional titles/positions/affiliations. One author must be designated as the corresponding author with full contact information (mailing address, office phone number, mobile phone number, fax number, and e-mail address).
• 100-200 word abstract
• Complete manuscript/artwork
• Any acknowledgments
• Works cited of any references used (APA format)
• *Copyright Release and Disclosure form for each coauthor
The corresponding author will receive an email confirming receipt of the manuscript or artwork. If the submission is incomplete (e.g. missing text components, images, etc.), the corresponding author will be informed of what is missing and will be asked to re-submit a complete version. Collier’s conforms to APA regulations for style and formatting.
Please direct any submission-related queries (e.g., permissions, submission process, manuscript status, or formatting) to the Editorial Director at, and any business-related queries (e.g., advertising or subscriptions) to

Submission Types

1) Informative articles and reports
Since the turn of the twentieth century, Collier’s has been at the cultural forefront of society, providing readers with a in-depth look at happenings across the country and around the world. This remains true today. Collier’s seeks to publish articles that come from the source. We welcome articles or reports relating to the political, social, or economic state of America and abroad, happenings in American culture and media, as well as important and compelling historical events. If you are at the center of something big, something you feel Americans need to hear about, tell your story in Collier’s, whether it relates to the arts, cinema, politics, or other facets of American life.
2) Original critical essays
If you have an opinion to express about current events, then Collier’s is your forum. Your essay may relate to the political or economic state of America, happenings in American culture and media, or another appropriate topic concerning American culture and life, provided that you have original and interesting thoughts on the matter.
3) Fiction
* Short stories
Collier’s has commissioned many famous authors such as Ernest Hemingway, Jack London, J. D. Salinger, and Kurt Vonnegut to publish short stories. If you have a fiction story that you feel relates to the Collier’s mission, join this elite class of authors and publish your story with Collier’s. Short stories typically range between 1,000 and 10,000 words, although longer submissions may be accepted.
*Short-short stories
Collier’s also publishes short-short stories, which typically run under 1,000 words.
*Novels in serialized form
In addition to shorts and short-shorts, Collier’s also offers publication of novels in serialized form. In a serialization, one selection of the novel is published in consecutive issues of Collier’s, continuing until the novel reaches its conclusion.

4) Poetry
Wow us with your poetry and share it with our readers. Collier’s wants to bring your poetry to light.
5) Cartoons or comic strips
Collier’s accepts submissions of political or general-interest cartoons as well as short comic strips. Show us your wit and humor — two qualities Collier’s has always been known for. Please send in .jpeg format.
6) Art
Collier’s wants to continue to be a showcase for paintings, drawings, illustrations, watercolors, and photographs. Submitted art may be considered for the cover. Please send in .jpeg format.
7) Letters to the editor
Collier’s welcomes letters to the editor. We appreciate comments and encourage criticism. If we’re doing something that you’d like to see done differently, let us know! We’d love to hear from you. Send in letters to
9) Photo Essay
Tell a story through the art of photography. Please send all photos in .jpeg format.