October 2012
Robert Watson
When Americans go to the polls on November 6th they will have a ballot full of choices, including an important race for president. But, they will be voting for something even larger and more important than the President of the United States. The year 2012 is another one of those elections – a contest for the very heart and soul of the nation – and it is not the first time this has happened.
Election 2012
Internet Exclusive
Laura Rena Murray
A firsthand account of Occupy Oakland, one of the more volatile sites of the movement.
Colliers Magazine Article Image
April 2012
Tom Conway and Kevin Maher
Collier's Magazine's Tom Conway spoke with retired State Department Foreign Services Officer and former Okinawa Consul General, Kevin Maher, about the multiple layers of politics involved in our presence on the island.
Colliers Magazine Article Image
February 2012
Newt Gingrich
With the right policies, it is possible to replace habits of failure with habits of success.
Newt Gingrich "The Habits of Liberty" in Colliers Magazine
February 2012
George Feifer
A look into the past and present of a land with no enemies, perpetually playing host to the most powerful nation in the world.
Tracers during the Battle of Okinawa
Online Exclusive
Jessica Eise
Past the beauty of Mauritius lies surprising parallels as well as stark differences between the tiny island and the United States, both socially and politically.
The Melting Pot of Mauritius

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