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June 2012
Dr. Joseph Libermann III
This subtle but debilitating condition means more than just feeling groggy at the start of the day.
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    Guide to Thrive
     Dr. Vonda Wright

    Vonda Wright is an orthopaedic surgeon at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Center for Sports Medicine and the author of Dr. Vonda Wright’s Guide to Thrive: 4 Steps to Body, Brains and Bliss. A national authority on healthy aging, Dr. Wright has given more than 200 media interviews in the last 2 years and is a part of Dr. Oz’s expert panel on She will have a regular column and blog for Colliers. She will cover the physical and mental aspects of living in prime time.


    Contemporary Health
    with Dr. Robert Guthrie

    Robert Guthrie M.D., will be the author of a regular column and blog for Colliers. Dr Guthrie is both a family physician and a general internist. He is currently a professor at The Ohio State University, where he conducts research projects to develop new medications for the treatment of common disorders like high blood pressure and diabetes. His blog will address questions posed by readers as well as various health concerns that are important today.

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    Patient Notes are handouts that physicians provide to patients to help answer their questions about a specific disease, diagnosis, or diagnostic technique. They feature health care information that patients use to understand a disease's state, symptoms and treatment options.