A Silk Purse

M. Emil Strong

     No one can convince me you can win at KENO. Twenty-one? Maybe. Craps or Roulette might give an occasional tease, But KENO? Naa-a-ah.

      I shouldn’t have continued with this crazy game. For some reason, I adamantly elected to stay my ground and experience a win. To get even? Wel-l-l yeah; but also to feel just one. I hadn’t yet. In a rational mind, my choice would have yielded to something more productive.

Han Li in Orbit

Rob Garver

     When a stranger, passing through, told Han Li about the “World Wide Web,” he thought the man was talking about a plague of spiders.  The spiders will eat the same insects that eat our crops, Han thought hopefully.  He worked on his family’s sugar beet farm in Tarim Basin, in far western China, a place as far from the ocean as any point on Earth, and surrounded by mountains.  The Internet was new to most everyone there.  “You can find anything on it,” the stranger said. 

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