Gout: The King of Diseases

Max Hamburger, MD, Bonny P. McClain, MS, DC, and N. Lawrence Edwards, MD

What is Gout?

Gout: The King of Diseases

Max Hamburger, MD, Bonny P. McClain, MS, DC, and N. Lawrence Edwards, MD

What is Gout?

The history of gout reaches back many millennia, making it one of the oldest and most recorded forms of arthritis. Egyptians first identified gout in 2640 BC. Hippocrates, weighing in during the 5th century BC, had many original observations still relevant in modern times. Often associated with overindulgence of rich food and drink reaching back to the 15th and 16th centuries, gout is often referred to as the disease of kings. More recently, the epidemic rise in the occurrence of gout has lead to it being called the king of diseases.

Avoiding the Ambiguities of Advance Directives

Dr. Lauren Van Scoy, Author of "Last Wish-Stories to Inspire A Peaceful Passing"

Dr. Lauren Van Scoy has a website, www.knowyourwishes.com, for those who wish to reach out for help with end-of-life situations.

A Word with Howard Croft: Howard and Her Majesty

Howard Croft

Sixty years ago, in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II claimed the English throne after the death of her father, King George VI. Plans for national celebrations of her Diamond Jubilee in London are said to be going smoothly and, if the skies above my home in rural North Yorkshire are anything to go by, not the least of things these plans are concerned with is security. Several days a week groups of military helicopters perform a grim low level ballet with fighter jets circling around and above, in among them an erratically flown light aircraft. The scenario is not hard to figure out.

Retirement Quick Tips

Ken Varga

I was in the financial planning industry for over 38 years helping families plan their futures, accounting for things like their kid’s college and their retirement.

Now having been semi-retired myself for a number of years, I am still very aware of what it takes to retire and can tell you, for most people, it is a whole lot more complicated today! Going forward, I can see the next 10-20 years certainly being more complex and carrying a number of unknowns, but just how they might affect you remain uncertain.

Retire to Your True Mission in Life

Dr. Janice Presser

Americans, in general, have always been hard-working people. That’s become more true than ever in recent decades, as two-income families became commonplace and businesses drove more and more productivity out of fewer and fewer employees.

For many, work is just work. It’s what you do to pay the bills, reward coming in the form of time with friends and family, travel, sports, crafts, or entertainment. But for some, work seems to be just as much fun as fun and just as important as their commitment to building community or participating in politics.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Dr. Joseph Libermann III

Sleep is a vital cog in the life of every American. We need a certain amount of it, but beyond that we gain a great deal of satisfaction out of finally resting our heads and waking up refreshed on the other side of a good night’s rest. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a dangerous and debilitating condition that disrupts this precious cycle. Most commonly caused by upper airway collapse during inspiration while sleeping, it usually results in at least a whistling sound, or more typically, loud snoring.

The Magic Bullet

Dr. Robert Guthrie

The first two articles of our series focused on two of the most important medical problems that we treat to prevent the development of heart disease, or more specifically the development of coronary atherosclerosis, the hardening of the arteries of the heart leading to heart attack. Now, I will build on the previous advice by discussing the treatments to take if you have already experienced a heart attack or stroke.

The Everlasting Problems with Social Security

David Barker, Ph.D

During the 1936 presidential election campaign, one year after the Social Security Act was enacted, Alf Landon, the Republican nominee, predicted the eventual failure of the program. He drew an analogy between Social Security and a father mismanaging the family finances:

Moms With Stilettos

Raymond Benson

Mothers make wonderful protagonists. I’ve often used them in my thrillers. The lead characters in several of my novels are indeed women, and many are moms, despite the fact that once upon a time I wrote guy-oriented stuff like continuation James Bond adventures. 

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