The Battle at the Ballot Box

Robert Watson

When George Washington arrived in New York City in late April of 1789 to assume the presidency of the United States, he was uncertain as to how he should approach the new office and had no clear plan for the many challenges facing the young republic. His fellow citizens were just as uncertain about both their new system of government and the nature of the presidency. The “Chief Magistrate,” as Washington called himself, had no precedent to follow in forging his duties.

The Melting Pot of Mauritius?

Jessica Eise

Unlike the United States, Mauritius was virgin territory. There weren’t any native inhabitants apart from the birds and the bees. Safeguarded by a coral reef, the small island was protected even from waves and the crystal clear waters sparkled bright blue in the sunlight. The dodo bird was allowed to evolve into utter stupidity. With no natural predators, it had no reason to learn to fly and absolutely no reason to learn evasive tactics. From what?

Occupy Oakland's General Strike

Laura Rena Murray

I got off the crowded BART train a little after 11am and followed a stream of people filing out to join Oakland’s general strike on November 2nd. Everyone clutched signs and backpacks as they ascended the stairs, talking excitedly about the day’s events.

The Other Side of Okinawa

Tom Conway and Kevin Maher

Do you want to start off by speaking a little about yourself, your background, and what exactly qualifies you to speak on the topic?

The True Cost of the Euro

Howard Croft

The euro was from its inception a vanity project, conceived and driven by Germany with the support of its vassal state, France. It is now being defended out of pride, at breathtaking cost to the whole of Europe including countries outside the Euro zone, and ultimately to the world economy if the defence fails.

The Habits of Liberty

Newt Gingrich

IN 1958, THE GREEN BAY PACKERS HAD their worst season ever, winning just one game. However, just two years later the Packers advanced all the way to the National Football League (NFL) championship game. How did they achieve such a dramatic turnaround?

After the 1958 season, Vince Lombardi assumed the head coaching job and instilled winning habits in his football team, which broke them of their losing ones. “Winning is a habit,” he said. “Unfortunately, so is losing.”

Okinawa: 66 Years Later

George Feifer

Dead Child in Okinawa George FeiferStarting with elementary facts about the largest land-sea-air battle in history may make sense because they're so little known.

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