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  • Starting at the End

    Starting at the End

    ERIC SINOWAY I suggested to him that, in at least a couple of respects, his was a normal reaction. It’s hard to find the same energy working for someone else after you’ve been the top dog. There’s also an understandable letdown— a sense of lost momentum— when you’ve brought a major career goal to fruition, […]

  • The Democratization of Data

    The Democratization of Data

    MICHAEL CARTER AND SCOTT GABEHART We all know small businesses and entrepreneurship are the engines driving the economy and our only hopes for futureeconomic expansion and American Exceptionalism. Over 30 million small businesses operate in the U.S. and despite therecession entrepreneurship continues to flourish and foster optimism. Entrepreneurship is in America’s DNA so we willcontinue […]

  • The Architect of Philadelphia Business

    The Architect of Philadelphia Business

    TOM CONWAY Pete Musser, founder and former CEO of Safeguard Scientifics and legendary venture capitalist, presides over The Musser Group, waxes poetic about the past, and navigates the newest bubble while making the savvy (and profitable) investments that made him famous. The football caught my eye before anything else. It sits encased in glass across […]