Arts & Letters

May 2014
Rob Garver
When a stranger, passing through, told Han Li about the “World Wide Web,” he thought the man was talking about a plague of spiders.
October 2012
James Michael Dorsey
How good travel writing can connect cultures and preserve myths and stories that might otherwise disappear
tuareg man on camel
October 2012
Nina Romano
Poetry from Nina Romano
October 2012
Matt Gallagher
A mother's loss on the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.
Arlington National Cemetary
August 2012
Dariel Suarez
A trip to the doctor in Havana, Cuba
Flag of Cuba
April 2012
John J. Le Beau
Suspense novelist John J. LeBeau on developing his signature protagonist. Plus a special excerpt from his latest novel.
Colliers Magazine Article Image
April 2012
Miles Corwin
Miles Corwin discusses using his experiences as an LA Times crime reporter to build a crime novel. Plus an exclusive look at his next thriller.
Midnight Alley
February 2012
Ray Cavanaugh
A look back at the prolific author’s failed attempt at redemption.
Norman Mailer’s Nightmare by Ray Cavanaugh Colliers Magazine
February 2012
Translated by J.T. Townley
A look at the relationship behind the celebrity life of The Great Gatsby author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, detailed through the eyes of this troubled wife, Zelda.
Skyscrapers in J.T. Townley's Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Colliers Magazine
June 2012
Raymond Benson
Former James Bond author Raymond Benson discusses the world's most famous spy and his latest string of thrillers, which are powered by some complex women.
Colliers Magazine Black Stiletto