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Collier’s magazine, founded in 1888 by Irish immigrant Peter Collier, was launched as a magazine of  Collier’s has always commissioned famous writers including Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Sinclair Lewis, Jack London, F. Scott Fitzgerald, J. D. Salinger, John Steinbeck, Pearl S. Buck, and Kurt Vonnegut to report on historical events, such as World War I and the Spanish Civil War, political events, or to write a short story or serialization of a novel. We also published famous articles like “The Great American Fraud” and Upton Sinclair’s “Is Chicago Meat Clean?”, which eventually led to the Senate Meat Inspection Act of 1906. All of these articles and stories have shaped and contributed to Collier’s ultimate goal: to seek the truth.
Known for our vibrantly illustrated cover art,Collier’s strives for excellence in creativity and originality. Each issue cover features an original drawing or painting in addition to the other art, cartoons, and comic strips contained inside. These illustrations often tie in with the articles written for each issue, helping make each piece as compelling visually as it is literally and readily accessible to readers.
At our peak, Collier’s reached 2.8 million readers of all ages across the world. Now, Collier’s, a staple of American literature, has become a part of American Brands, and will resume publication in 2011, helping to further its roots in literature and continue its legacy of interesting and compelling stories and events that inform and shape our lives.
Collier’s invites you — the reader, the writer, the artist — to join in its return to the forefront of American popular literature. We welcome your submissions!


Collier’s 55 year Nap

To say a lot has changed in the 55 years since Collier’s Weekly last published doesn’t even come close to defining the velocity with which the world has moved in that time—or has it?

The last issue of Collier’s, dated January 4, 1957, featured Princess Grace of Monaco on the cover and promised a story on her pregnancy within its pages. Today, many of our magazines print similar headlines dealing with royal weddings and celebrity pregnancies. In the 69 years prior to that issue, Collier’s Weekly made its name by chronicling the events and topics people knew were integral to their lives—World War developments, GOP Presidential Nominations, and Cold War possibilities. It is safe to say that potentially final issue strayed off course.

When we first purchased the Collier’s brand we asked ourselves, what do people care most about, today?  We thought of how we could revisit the parts of our past that bring us joy and happiness, while continuing to nourish the things that are on top of our minds when we raise a glass to toast or offer a prayer at dinner.  When you think about priorities in this manner, the interests usually read: health, wealth, and happiness.  It is through such reflection we found our template for topics and the key to meeting the challenge of engaging the reader in the same way Collier’s Weekly did at its height.

The new magazine will contain HEALTH topics related to healthcare and general well-being, WEALTH will be addressed by providing answers to the question posed by young and old alike—how do we survive today’s economy? –and HAPPINESS stems from the original pieces of journalism, fiction, and other commentaries that provide context for and bring life to all the ideas we hold so dear. Framing all of this will be visually pleasing works from all forms of art that offer representations of life from around the world.  We will also devote a great deal of attention to current events, book reviews, and of course politics.

As we dive into 2012 we see technology soaring, advanced degrees at an all time high, and our auto industry releasing some of the finest, most well crafted cars in the world. However, we also bear witness to a staggering unemployment rate, rising rates of childhood obesity, and economic turmoil. There is a lot to talk about and Collier’s Magazine is ready to take center stage.
I thank you for picking up the magazine and taking the first step in our return to American popular culture. We look forward to delivering to you all that you need and hope you enjoy what we have to offer.


John Elduff
Collier’s Magazine



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    Collier’s Editors

    • Peter Fenelon Collier, editor (1888-1903)
    • Norman Hapgood, editor (1903-12)
    • Albert Lee, managing editor (1905)
    • Robert J. Collier, editor (1912-14)
    • Mark Sullivan, editor (1914)
    • Arthur H. Gleason, associate editor (1908-13)
    • Finley Peter Dunne, editor
    • William Ludlow Chenery, editor (1925-31)
    • Henry La Cossitt, editor (1944-46)
    • Walter Davenport, editor (1946)
    • Kenneth McArdle, editor (1955-57)
    • John T. Elduff, editor and publisher (2011)