Christmas Memories

Steve Cherry

Christmas is the present that we give ourselves.

It is a ribbon wrapped box of our experience that reveals who we are and what we have become.

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Is Aging the Next Cholesterol?

David T. Nash, MD

We are faced today with a global increase in aging populations, significantly impacting the already large number of associated risk factors and illnesses whose treatment threatens to overburden a strained worldwide healthcare system. Unfortunately, aging has not been examined with an appropriately intense effort, and has been treated with lip service or diligent neglect.

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Bluster or Breakthrough?

Dr. Robert Guthrie

A world of instant information and over-reporting can flood us with potentially vital but often trivial health information. Understanding the credibility of the study at the source can help you eliminate the static and recognize the relevant.

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Of Rights and the Rules

Marc Rendell, MD

Obamacare and the Challenge of Diabetes.

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Arts & Letters

Han Li In Orbit

Rob Garver

When a stranger, passing through, told Han Li about the “World Wide Web,” he thought the man was talking about a plague of spiders.

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The Sugar Men

T. Anthony Howell

The pursuit of great wealth and the burden it bequeathed

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